Quick guide to build a system with WineHQ

Information is out of date

Builds within other operating systems are performed using the WineHQ project. It is assumed that the reader is familiar with the utilities WineHQ and winetricks, set them up and they are ready to work.

The process is radically no different from a common guide, except for a few nuances.

Downloading the source code repository

Perform the procedure identical to the article. The repository may be placed into the home folder (in WineHQ this is the path Z:\home\username\).

Installing the Build Environment

Set the environment as in the article.

Build, test and rebuild

Before executing this procedure, you need to find the configure.cmd file in the sources folder, and edit it with gedit:

Now you can open a WineHQ shortcut on the desktop and execute configure, and then, completely the same as in the article.