Frequently asked questions about Greentea OS project

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What is Greentea OS, shortly?

It is a next-generation free operating system able to run your Windows programs (.exe files).

Is Greentea OS an operating system, distro, visual theme or app?

Similiar to macOS and Windows, Greentea is a full operating system, installable on a PC. It runs apps, games and has some built-in software. It is not based on any other system.

Is Greentea OS Ad-driven or funded by corporations?

Nope. Greentea is funded solely by donations.

Is Greentea OS a GNU/Linux distro?

No. It is an independent OS, without Linux kernel.

What makes Greentea OS so unique OS?

From developer perspective: runtimes-based OS, aimed at strict isolation, it has no API to itself from user space. To achieve those goals, we created new kernel for it — Tofita.

From user perspective: apps cannot break the system or make it slow. System updates are fast and not annoying.

Being internally very different from common ones, this system is friendly and does not push “innovations” at you face, thus making you feel at home.

More info about what makes Greentea so special

What is Tofita?

Tofita is the Greentea OS kernel, the core, the heart of the system.

Where I may download it?

We don’t provide public builds yet, only for developers and testers.

How can I test it?

Check our Telegram group and ask for builds or download manually.

Why not use ReactOS kernel?

There is evidence, that ReactOS kernel code was “written” mostly by direct disassembly which is illegal per Windows EULA.

Using their kernel code is basically same as using pirated Windows copy. Of course, not all code is written like this and some may be reused.

As Microsoft bought GitHub, is it safe to host this project there?

Yes. Git is a system, on which GitHub is based, used to store and operate on project’s source code.

Git is distributed, decentralized and consistent. It is not possible to silently edit, hack or fake code.

There is no reason to worry about.

I’ve seen fake commits like this one. Are fake commits a thing?

Sadly, GitHub, as any other service, has small bugs in it. The bug may visualize fake commits, but fakes cannot be committed into project itself! So no real code touched, albeit it looks “hacked”. Also, Git, as a system, allows to set arbitrary committer names, so they sould not be considered 100% real without “Verified” badge on them.

That being said, you should not follow misleading information with fake links.

What Windows compatibility is going to be supported?

We support only officially deprecated Windows versions — currently Windows 7

This is safe and legal in many countries. We cannot, and will not, support non-deprecated Windows versions.

Is Greentea made specifically for old hardware?

Greentea builds for comparatively modern hardware only — approximately for most PCs made in the last 10+ years, counting from 2009.

The oldest hardware with possibility to run is 2007 (64-bit CPUs only), but this is not guaranteed.

Sometimes Greentea definitely looks like a Windows 10 clone…is this intentional?

Ironically, some independent design decisions of Greentea team happen to match with Microsoft vision.

For example, blur effect, white theme and large Start menu icons were designed in Greentea before Microsoft announcements (and features like files and apps isolation, unified Control Panel, etc) or before Greentea developers become aware of them.

Commonly we do not look at Windows 10 design (which is meh). We investigate design decisions of macOS, KDE, iOS and Android. Probably Microsoft does the same ¯\(ツ)

Note, that the only things we try to re-create are a flat look of window frames, sharp user interface edges and basics like font & icon sizes (for app compatibility and user experience familiarity). And drawing rectangles seems to give better performance than rounded corners, thus we ignore Windows 7 visuals.