Feedback and discussion

Finding and reading messages

To leave a comment you need to have a GitHub account:

You can insert pictures! Drag the image file to the input field or paste it from the clipboard using the Ctrl + V keyboard shortcut.

To mention the developer, use the @ character, for example @torvalds

To preview, click Preview (and then click Write to return from the preview mode).

How do I leave feedback or a new error message?

How to add emotion and vote for comment

The meaning of emotions should be interpreted accordingly as:

How to comment on the commits

Commit is a small update of the source code with a description to it. Usually commits are self-sufficient, for example: “Updated the icon”, “Renamed the shutdown button of the computer”. Large updates can consist of a group of commits going in turn.

In accordance with international standards - commits are conducted in English, as well as comments to them.

Click on the commit hash, for example e1b5d02 or e1b5d027a6913e0e4bbb6ecbbf62153cbb99ddc2, this will open the commit view page. Now you can leave a comment or start a discussion by clicking the [+] icon next to the desired line:


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