How to edit wiki-pages

It’s really easy to edit wiki-pages on the GitHub! The are simple textual files in Markdown format. Those are ones with .md in their names.

  1. You need to select a file to edit. If you are viewing a folder, click on a .md file. If you a seening an article at the bottom and list of files at the top - you are seeing a one, click on it in the folder view.
  2. To edit a page click the pensil Edit this file icon on the upper frame of the article.
  3. Make edits and scroll down
    • If you see Propose file change panel, add a description and hit Propose file change button.
    • If you see Commit changes panel, add a description and hit Commit changes button.
  4. Hit a big green Create pull request button… and then click a smaller Create pull request one.
  5. You’ll be redirected onto Pull requests section.
  6. To add more edits to the same file click Files changed tab and pencil button on the file view.

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